war with germxny

War With Germxny

Mr Chamberlain Declares War on the Germxns Following demands that the entirely gender-neutral word German lost one of its vowels in order to become the somehow even more ungendered Germxn, the Germxns dug their heels in. With no undertaking received from Herr Hitler that Germxny would give up its “a”, Neville Chamberlain’s hand was finally …

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Brit Trek The Fedexit Years

Brit Trek – Fedexit

PREVIOUSLY ON BRIT TREK: The Spivship Enterprise crashed into a different TV franchise after Captain Berk rather foolishly allowed Ensign Schapps to have a go at navigating. Our clueless, spaffaholics are now trapped on a mysterious island in the Pacific and have even less of an idea than usual what’s going on. In the Lost …

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GB News - News for the hard of thinking

GB News Announces Schedule

It’s coming! The new, balanced news service to rival Tim Davie’s completely unbiased BBC is almost ready to launch. GB News is on its way with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but opinion. With a promise to be proudly British, wholly uncritical of the far-right and determinedly anti-woke, GB News will provide a …

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Carry on up the Poxhole - more ripping satire from the Daily Distress

Carry On Up The Poxhole

Greetings fellow patriots. Following the success of the first issue of The Poxhole, we’re back with some more highly original thoughts from anybody who’s anybody in the world of rabid, right-wing mischief-making. This week we’re opening up our platform to Peter Bitchings, a man who is so cancelled that he can barely get his ugly …

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