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There’s no need to get triggered by anything, we target extremists and idiots of all political persuasions. Left or right.

If you worship any particular politician, don’t read what we have to say about him or her. Your time would be better spent either finding an article about one that you don’t like or seeing a psychiatrist about your self-esteem issues. Either are good but one is free and the other is stupidly expensive, so do the first one.

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The Poxhole News

Here at The Poxhole News, we cater only for true patriots. If you’re some kind of lefty, do-gooding, woke, yoghurt-knitter, sod off and read the bloody Guardian with the grown-ups. We aren’t interested in you. You must really hate our bloody country, you vile, little, communist twat. If, on the other hand, you happen to …

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Brit Trek Lost in Space Award winning satire from the Daily Distress

Brit Trek – Lost in Space

The crew of the Spivship Enterprise are on their way to Metabilis-3, or so they think. This time the Brit Trek bunch really are lost in space. Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Spivship Enterprise. Its four year mission. To gaslight new worlds. To seek out new spaffs. And destroy civilisation. …

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festival of brexit st cleve chronicle daily distress satire

Festival of Brexit Plans Revealed

The St. Cleve Chronicle lands a national scoop as it reveals that Saint Cleve has been chosen to host the Festival of Brexit. The announcement may come as something of a surprise as the small village was up against several major cities in the bidding process. However, thanks to some tireless lobbying and a substantial …

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brexit heroes on the bog daily distress satire toilet humour

Brexit Heroes on the Bog

Brexit Heroes on the Bog: Even though the architects of our Brexit triumph might appear to be superhuman, they still need to visit the smallest-room once in a while. There’s no shame in that. Everybody in the world, apart from The Queen, has to go from time to time. Have you ever wondered what our …

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