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There’s no need to get triggered by anything, we target extremists and idiots of all political persuasions. Left or right.

If you worship any particular politician, don’t read what we have to say about him or her. Your time would be better spent either finding an article about one that you don’t like or seeing a psychiatrist about your self-esteem issues. Either are good but one is free and the other is stupidly expensive, so do the first one.


Vox Pop – Sleaze

There’s no getting away from it, the first word that comes up when people discuss British politics these days is sleaze. Our leaders insist that nobody cares whether people steal a few million quid of their money from time to time, but are they right? We heroically took to the streets to ask the British …

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Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

The UK government, faced with crippling rises in ferry fees across the river Styx, has come up with an innovative solution. Britain will become the first nation in history to privatise its Underworld operations and literally create Hell on Earth. Britain had, since time immemorial, paid a fee of two pennies per soul to Charon, …

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Saint Jeremy Corbyn

Saint Jeremy

Various books have been removed from the Bible over the centuries for all sorts of reasons. The Protevangelion, for example, was removed because nobody was quite sure how to pronounce Protevangelion. The Book of Enoch got the chop due to a copyright dispute with the makers of Battlestar Galactica. The two Books of Maccabees were …

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Barnstoneworth Independence Party

Barnstoneworth Independence Party

Could Barnstoneworth be set to declare its independence from the UK? The Barnstoneworth Independence Party and their leader, Jack “Wolfy” Ramsbottom hope so. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Distress, Ramsbottom tells us how a dispute with the Yorkshire Cribbage League could develop into a seismic wave that will strike at the heart of …

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