Is the world beyond satire? Increasingly so, we suspect, but that doesn’t stop us from having a pop at some of our glorious leaders and would-be-leaders from time to time.


When you live in a world where people seem to actively worship the likes of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, it’s hard to resist a little heckling from the sidelines.


We have no particular political affiliation or axe to grind. We just find them hilarious from the ultra-woke to the ultra-anti-woke. We condsider ourselves to be stuck in the middle with you.

Stuck in the Middle with You. How different people see the political spectrum.


We nearly mentioned Brexit back there but we think we got away with it.


Welcome to our satire archives.

Daily Distress Covers

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Daily Distress covers from the last few days. Grab them while they’re hot – they’ll be covered in chip-fat by tomorrow, assuming that anyone has been able to get hold of any potatoes, of course.

go to Heaven the easy way

Go to Heaven the Easy Way

When you die, will you go to Heaven or burn in Hell for all eternity? It’s not quite as clear-cut as you might think. God is a pretty forgiving guy but we tend to forget that He sees everything we do. And that’s not just everything we do in life. It’s everything that we do …

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The Free Speech Five

The Free Speech Five

Looking for Adventure The freshly renamed Free Speech Five were holding a meeting in the Ball Room with the lead-piping. All of the members of the new-look Famous Five were present. Julian Kirrin, the child detective; Uncle Quentin, the government boffin; freelance journalist Gerald Milton-Bostock and ace cub-reporter Peter Hitchens, all sat at the table. …

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The Famous Five Cancelled

The Famous Five get Cancelled

The Famous Five Back on Kirrin Island It was the start of the Summer holidays and the Famous Five were back at Uncle Quentin’s mansion on Kirrin Island. Julian, Dick and Anne were playing Sardines in the library when George and Timmy burst into the room. “Everybody look at what’s in Timmy’s mouth!” cried George. …

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Bunga Bunga Party Boat of the future

Bunga Bunga Party Ahoy!

Whilst Brexit may have brought many benefits to the UK, one of its unfortunate side-effects has been the devastation that it has brought to the country‚Äôs fishing fleets. All may not be lost, however. A new scheme from the Department of International Trade could be set to turn our ailing trawlers into a crack squadron …

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