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Yes, no, maybe

Staying Power

We often witness feats of incredible human endurance. People ride the Tour de France, climb the north face of the Eiger or do triathlons all of the time.  And we applaud those people.  But what about the everyday heroes who don’t make the headlines?  We went in search of people who have endured the unendurable …

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Doctor Who and the Jelly Babies

Doctor Who and the Jelly Babies

Cast and crew Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor. TV’s Bradley Walsh as Graham. Tosin Cole as Thingy. Mandip Gill as Wotsit. Joey Essex as himself. Tom Baker as Tom Baker. Sacha Dawan as <Spoiler Removed> Epilogue A BUSY LONDON STREET TOM BAKER: Ah, I say! Young man! Would you be so kind as to direct …

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daily distress healthy eating for students

Healthy Food for Students

If you’re leaving home for the first time, you’re probably worried about what you’re going to eat. Sure, you’d like to be as healthy as possible but you won’t have much time to cook and money will be tight. What should you do? Worry no more! Here is the handy A-Z guide to healthy food …

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tattoo artist

Tattoo Artist Fears for Future

In a new series of interviews, The Daily Distress talks to small business owners about their concerns in times of economic turmoil. Our first conversation was with Prentice Gubshaw a successful tattoo artist with a private studio in Wapping. Daily Distress: Do you see your business surviving in the long term? Prentice: No. Things really …

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old foole's almanac daily distress

Almanac gets it Wrong for 2020!

Old Foole’s Almanac has been making successful predictions about the year to come since 1682. 2020, however, has proved to be a landmark year, as the normally infallible guide to the future has finally made a mistake. Once again, the guide anticipated a major sporting event taking place at Wembley in May. It is not …

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