Month: April 2021

Barnstoneworth Independence Party

Barnstoneworth Independence Party

Could Barnstoneworth be set to declare its independence from the UK? The Barnstoneworth Independence Party and their leader, Jack “Wolfy” Ramsbottom hope so. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Distress, Ramsbottom tells us how a dispute with the Yorkshire Cribbage League could develop into a seismic wave that will strike at the heart of …

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war with germxny

War With Germxny

Mr Chamberlain Declares War on the Germxns Following demands that the entirely gender-neutral word German lost one of its vowels in order to become the somehow even more ungendered Germxn, the Germxns dug their heels in. With no undertaking received from Herr Hitler that Germxny would give up its “a”, Neville Chamberlain’s hand was finally …

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