Month: January 2021

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Brexit Heroes on the Bog

Brexit Heroes on the Bog: Even though the architects of our Brexit triumph might appear to be superhuman, they still need to visit the smallest-room once in a while. There’s no shame in that. Everybody in the world, apart from The Queen, has to go from time to time. Have you ever wondered what our …

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Yes, no, maybe

Staying Power

We often witness feats of incredible human endurance. People ride the Tour de France, climb the north face of the Eiger or do triathlons all of the time.  And we applaud those people.  But what about the everyday heroes who don’t make the headlines?  We went in search of people who have endured the unendurable …

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countdown susie dent and paul zenon

Countdown Conundrum – Is Channel 4 Brainwashing Our Grannies?

Countdown, Channel 4’s long-running, mid-afternoon gameshow would, at first sight, seem to be the most harmless show on television. The game, which involves solving word puzzles and doing sums, has long been seen as harmless entertainment for the old and the unemployable. But could a sinister secret be lurking behind the Countdown Conundrum? Former actor …

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