Month: July 2020

alien abduction

Z-Lister Abducted by Aliens

Trevor Scroggins, singer and lead tambourine player with generic boy band The Blowfish Boys has finally hit the headlines. The band, who formed in 2015, have completely failed to trouble the pop charts. A succession of anodyne, saccharine-coated singles have failed to impress critics and fans alike. Their debut album “Sushi Chops” has frequently been …

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Holy Grail Found?

After centuries of searching and four crusades, nobody has been able to find the chalice used by Jesus at the last supper. Until now, perhaps. Ecclesiastical archaeologist Reverend James Tiberius Jones believes that he has finally located the cup of Christ. Jones has an impressive record for unearthing holy relics, including: The Ice Skate of …

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