Month: July 2020

tattoo artist

Tattoo Artist Fears for Future

In a new series of interviews, The Daily Distress talks to small business owners about their concerns in times of economic turmoil. Our first conversation was with Prentice Gubshaw a successful tattoo artist with a private studio in Wapping. Daily Distress: Do you see your business surviving in the long term? Prentice: No. Things really …

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ringway centre birmingham

Controversial Building set for Move

The Ringway Centre in Birmingham has been dividing public opinion since it was completed in 1962. The structure, sited just outside New Street Station on Smallbrook Queensway, is regarded by most locals as a monstrous carbuncle. But could they be wrong? Architecture and Banality In recent years, the architectural style known as Brutalism has become …

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old foole's almanac daily distress

Almanac gets it Wrong for 2020!

Old Foole’s Almanac has been making successful predictions about the year to come since 1682. 2020, however, has proved to be a landmark year, as the normally infallible guide to the future has finally made a mistake. Once again, the guide anticipated a major sporting event taking place at Wembley in May. It is not …

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trevor scroggins poster

It’s Scroggins Mania!

Since his tragic abduction by aliens, people can’t get enough of Trevor Scroggins, former member of the Blowfish Boys. Tributes to the tuneless tambourinist have been flying in from all over the world. World Leaders Come Together Donald Trump tweeted “Big shame about Scroggins. HUGE SHAME! I wish it was FAKE NEWS! Biden’s fault. No …

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daily distress new uk phonetic alphabet

UK to get New Phonetic Alphabet?

An influential “think tank” has revealed plans for post-Brexit Britain to get its own uniquely British version of the irritatingly international NATO phonetic alphabet. The entirely unelected and unrequested group, Phobos, have declared that the days of “alpha, bravo, charlie” are due to end. The leader of Phobos (the paramilitary wing of The Bullingdon Club), …

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alien abduction

Z-Lister Abducted by Aliens

Trevor Scroggins, singer and lead tambourine player with generic boy band The Blowfish Boys has finally hit the headlines. The band, who formed in 2015, have completely failed to trouble the pop charts. A succession of anodyne, saccharine-coated singles have failed to impress critics and fans alike. Their debut album “Sushi Chops” has frequently been …

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